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This information is provided by Provet for educational purposes only.

You should seek the advice of your veterinarian if your pet is ill as only he or she can correctly advise on the diagnosis and recommend the treatment that is most appropriate for your pet.

Correct nutrition is of paramount importance for optimum health in reptiles. 

The following table lists foods that have been reported to be suitable for various reptiles which may be kept as pets or in zoological collections. NB Some require vitamin/mineral; supplementation in addition to the foods listed.

The list here has been compiled with reference to numerous sources - some of which did not agree with each other in all details. Scientific studies have demonstrated that feeding preferences of snakes are inherited and they are not just opportunistic feeders. Water should be available for all reptiles, even species which may hardly if ever reuire to drink water eg Desert snakes.

  All Carrion, all vertebrates, insects
  Anole - Cuban or Knight Insects, invertebrates, mammals Supplements.
  Anole - Green Insects, spiders. Supplements.
  Basilisks Insects, spiders. Occasional pinkie. Supplements.
  Bearded Dragon Omnivore. Small vertebrates, invertebrates , insects, plants (20% of ration) : mixed vegetables,  fruit, flowers. Supplements.
  Chameleon - general eg Panther Insectivore. Insects.Supplements.
  Chameleon - Jacksons Insects, snails, small vertebrates
  Chameleon - Parsons  Insects, occasionally fuzzy mice
  Chuckwalla (anole) Herbivore. Greens, vegetables, fruits, flowers. Supplements.
  Collard Lizard Omnivore. Fruits, flowers, insects, lizards, mammals
Common Insectivore. Insects.
  Gecko Omnivore. Fruit puree, insects, mammals
  Gecko - Leopard Mainly Insectivore . Insects, occasionally invertebrates, small mice (nestling/pinkies). Supplements.
  Gecko - Tokay Insects, other invertebrates, lizards, mammals
  Gila Monster Birds, eggs, mammals
  Glass   Birds, insects, mammals
  Horned  Insectivore. Ants, termites
  Iguana - Common Omnivore. Eggs, fruits, insects, vegetables
  Iguana - Desert Insects, fruits, vegetables
  Iguana - Green Herbivore. Fruit (20% ration), flowers, green leaves (40% ration), other vegetables (40%)
  Iguana - Ground Cayman Island or Rhinoceros Mainly Herbivore. Greens, fruits, flowers, vegetables. Occasionally eggs, invertebrates, mammals. 
  Lacerta Birds, insects, mammals
  Legless Lizards (anole) Insects
  Mexican Beaded Birds, eggs, mammals
  Moloch Birds, insects, mammals
  Monitor - Green Tree Carnivore. Arthropods, birds, lizards
  Monitor - Nile Carnivore. Eggs, fish, insects, meat, rodents. Supplements.
  Monitor - Savannah Carnivore. Insects, mammals (rodents).
  Skink - Small Insects, snails
  Skink - Large Omnivore. Birds, eggs, fruits, insects, mammals, vegetables
  Skink - Prehensile-tailed, Solomons, Zebra Mainly a herbivore. Leaves of creeper E.pinnatum, fruit, vegetables. Occasionally meat, snails.
  Skink - Stump-tailed, Shingleback, Pinecone Eggs, insects, fruit, mammals (small - pinkies), meat. Supplements.
  Spiny Lizard Insects, mammals
  Spiny-tailed Lizards - Dab, Mastigure, Uromastyx Omnivore. Insects, mammals, vegetables. Supplements.
  Tegu (Common or Black) Omnivore. Birds, carrion,eggs, fruits, insects, other invertebrates, leaves, mammals, vegetables.  Supplement
  Water Dragons Mainly Carnivores. Insects, small mammals, fruit, vegetables. Supplements.
Adder Mammals, lizards
Adder - Horned Frogs, lizards, rodents
Adder - Puff Birds, mammals
Adder - Spotted Night Amphibians (especially toads)
Aesculapian Snake Birds, rodents
African Tiger Snake Lizards, birds, rodents
American Hook-nosed Snake Centipedes, spiders
Anaconda - Green Birds, mammals, reptiles (including large eg alligators, caymans, turtles )
Anaconda - Yellow Birds, mammals, reptiles
Asian Slug-eating Snake Slugs, snails
Aurora House Snake Rodents. Lizards (when young)
Banded Krait Snakes
Banded Sand Snake Insects (centipedes, scorpions)
Bandy-Bandy Blind snakes only
Black Snake - Desert Birds, lizards, mammals
Black-headed snake Centipedes, insect larvae
Blind Snake Insects (ants, beetles,termites), spiders
Boa - African Sand Mammals
Boa - Amazon Tree Birds, frogs, lizards, mammals
Boa - Argentine Rainbow Birds, mammals
Boa - Baja Californian Rosy Birds, mammals
Boa - Banana Birds, frogs, lizards, mammals
Boa - Brazilian Rainbow Birds, mammals
Boa - Common Birds, mammals
Boa - Cuban Birds (including chickens), Mammals (including bats and rodents)
Boa - Dumeril's Birds, mammals
Boa - Emerald Tree Birds, mammals
Boa - Haitian Birds including chickens (adult snakes) , lizards (young snakes), mammals (adult snakes)
Boa - Javelin Sand  Rodents. Occasionally birds, lizards.
Boa - Madagascan Tree Birds, mammals
Boa - Mexican Rosy Birds, mammals
Boa - Pacific Birds, lizards, mammals
Boa - Pacific Ground Frogs, lizards, mammals
Boa - Pacific Tree Frogs, mammals reptiles (skinks)
Boa - Rainbow Opposums, mammals (including bats)
Boa - Round Island Lizards
Boa - Rough Scaled Sand Rodents. Occasionally birds, lizards 
Boa - Rubber Birds, salamanders, snakes, rodents
Boomslang Birds, lizards (especially chameleons). 
Brahminy Blind Snake Insects, earthworms
Brown House Snake Mammals (mainly rodents), lizards.
Brown Tree Snake Birds, eggs, lizards, mammals (especially bats)
Brown Snake - King or Mulga Frogs, mammals, reptiles
Brown Snake - Western Mammals, reptiles
Bull Snake Birds, mammals
Bushmaster Mammals
Cape Centipede-Eater Centipedes
Cantil Rodents. ? lizards.
Catesby's Snail-Eating Snake Slugs and snails
Cat-eyed Snake Frogs, frogspawn
Cave Racer Bats only
Centipede Snake Centipedes. ?other invertebrates
Clouded Slug-Eating Snake Slugs and snails
Coachwhip Snake Birds, eggs, mammals, lizards, snakes
Cobra - Forest Amphibians (frogs,toads), birds, lizards, mammals, snakes
Cobra - Indian or Spectacled Mammals, reptiles
Cobra - Indonesian Spitting Frogs, lizards, rodents, snakes
Cobra - King Snakes
Cobra - Mozambique Spitting Grasshoppers, lizards. mammals, toads
Cobra - Spitting or Rinkhals Amphibians (frogs, toads), birds, mammals, reptiles
Copperhead (North America) Birds, frogs, rodents
Copperhead - Australian Frogs, reptiles
Coral Snake - African Reptiles. ? mammals
Coral Snake - Arizona or Western Lizards, snakes (especially burrowing)
Coral Snake - Australian Lizards
Coral Snake - Blue Malayan Snakes
Coral Snake - South American Lizards, snakes
Coral Snake - Southern Reptiles
Coral Snake - Texas Frogs, lizards, snakes
Corn Snake Mammals (rodents)
Corpulent Burrowing Asp Frogs, lizards, mammals, snakes.
Cottonmouth (viper) Birds, frogs, fish, mammals, salamanders, reptiles. Also a scavenger.
Crowned Snake Beetle larvae
Cuban Ground Snake Baby turtles
Death Adder Birds, mammals, reptiles
DeKay's Snake Earthworms. ? other invertebrates
Dice Snake Amphibians, fish
Egg-Eating Snake - African Birds eggs only
Egg-Eating Snake - East African Birds eggs only
European Cat Snake Lizards
European Worm Snake Insects - ants (and pupae)
False Coral Snake Lizards, amphibians, snakes
File Snake - Arafura Fish
File Snake - Small Fish, crustaceans, snails
Fer-de-Lance Lizards, mammals
Fishing Snake Fish
Fourlined Snake Birds, eggs, mammals
Fox Snake Mammals
  Garter Snake Amphibians, fish, mammals, snakes
Garter Snake - Black-necked Amphibians (frogs, tadpoles)
Garter Snake - Chequered Amphibians (frogs, tadpoles), fish, lizards, rodents
Garter Snake - Eastern Amphibians, birds, earthworms, fish, mammals
Garter Snake - Mexican Earthworms, leeches (when young); amphibians and fish when older.
Garter Snake - Plains Amphibians, fish, earthworms
Garter Snake - Terrestrial Amphibians, rodents
Glossy Snake Lizards, snakes, mammals
  Gopher Snake Birds, bird eggs, mammals
Grass Snake Amphibians, fish, mammals
  Green Snake Insects, lizards
Green Snake - Rough Insects, spiders
Green Snake - Smooth Insects and spiders
Green Snake - Spotted Lizards (especially chameleons) , frogs

Hognose Snake - Eastern

Amphibians (toads mainly)
Hognose Snake - Southern Amphibians
Hognose Snake - Western Amphibians (toads mainly), rodents
Horseshoe Snake Birds, lizards, rodents
  Indigo Snake Eggs, all vertebrates - birds, amphibians, mammals, fish , reptiles
  Kingsnake All vertebrates
Kingsnake - Californian Lizards, snakes, birds, mammals
Kingsnake - Californian Mountain Birds, lizards, mammals, snakes
Kingsnake - Grey Banded Lizards, snakes, mammals
Kingsnake - Mexican Birds, mammals
Kingsnake - Prarie Birds, reptiles, rodents
Kingsnake - Sonoran Lizards, mammals
Kingsnake - Speckled Amphibians, birds, lizards, mammals, snakes.
Ladder Snake Birds, eggs, mammals
Leaf-nosed Snakes Lizards (especially the banded gecko), gecko eggs.
Leopard Snake Birds, rodents
Long-nosed Snake Lizards. Also, birds, mammals, snakes
Long-nosed Tree Snake Lizards. Also frogs, mammals.
Lyre Snake Birds, lizards, mammals (including bats)
Mamba - Black Birds, mammals
Mamba - Green Birds, mammals
Mangrove Snake Birds, lizards, rodents
Massassauga Frogs, lizards, mammals, snakes
Mexican Burrowing Snake Eggs, reptiles, mammals
Milksnake - Honduran Lizards, mammals
Milksnake - Pueblan Mammals, reptiles
Milksnake - Sinaloan Lizards, mammals
Mole Snake Mammals (especially rodents)
Montpellier Snake Birds, lizards, mammals, snakes
Mussurana Snakes, lizards, rodents. Occasionally opposums
Neck-banded Snake Skinks
Painted Bronzeback Snake Lizards, frogs
Paradise Tree Snake Lizards. Frogs, rodents.
Parrot Snake Birds, lizards, mammals
Pipe Snake - Asian Reptiles (including snakes) ? insects
Pipe Snake - South American ? Other reptiles
Pine Snake - Northern Birds, mammals
Python - African Mammals, birds, reptiles (including crocodiles), fish
Python - Amethystine (or Scrub) Mammals (fruit bats, wallabies), birds
Python - Black-headed Birds (ground-nesting), mammals, snakes
Python - Blood Birds, mammals
Python - Burmese Birds, mammals
Python - Carpet Mammals (including bats and wallabies), birds, lizards
Python - Children's Mammals (including bats), frogs, lizards
  Python - Clabar Ground Mammals
Python - Diamond Birds, mammals, reptiles (skinks)
Python - Green Tree Birds, mammal (including bats), lizards, tree frogs
Python - Macklot's Birds, mammals. ? lizards, snakes
Python - Papuan Birds, mammals. Occasionally reptiles (including snakes)
Python - Reticulated Birds, mammals
Python - Royal Birds, mammals
Python - Spotted Birds, lizards, mammals (including bats)
Python- White-lipped Birds, mammals
Queen Snakes Crayfish only
Quil-snouted Snakes Worm lizards (amphisbaenians) only
  Racer All vertebrates (except fish)
Racer - Red-tailed Lizards, birds, mammals
Ratsnake - Asiatic Mammals
Ratsnake - Baird's Birds, mammals
Ratsnake - Black Birds, mammals
Ratsnake - Central American Birds, mammals
Ratsnake - Everglades Birds, mammals. Frogs (when young)
Ratsnake - Grey Birds, mammals
Ratsnake - Japanese Birds, rodents
Ratsnake - Mandarin Rodents. ? Birds
Ratsnake - Plains Birds, rodents
Ratsnake - Red (or Corn Snake) Birds, rodents. Frogs (when young)
Ratsnake - Rosalia Mammals
Ratsnake - Russian Birds, mammals
Ratsnake - Twin-spotted Rodents
  Ratsnake Birds, eggs, mammals occasionally lizards
  Rattlesnake All vertebrates (except fish and amphibians)
Rattlesnake - Banded Rock Frogs, lizards, mammals, snakes
Rattlesnake - Black-tailed Birds, mammals. ?lizards
Rattlesnake - Canebrake Birds, rodents
Rattlesnake - Eastern Diamondback Birds, mammals (including rabbits)
Rattlesnake - Mojave Mammals
Rattlesnake - Pygmy Frogs, mice, lizards, snakes
Rattlesnake - Red Diamond Birds, mammals
Rattlesnake - South American Birds, mammals
Rattlesnake - Tiger Mammals
Rattlesnake - Western Birds, mammals, reptiles
Rattlesnake - Western Diamondback Birds, mammals (rabbits, squirrels, rodents)
Red-bellied Snake Earthworms, soft-bodies invertebrates, slugs
Ribbon Snake - Eastern Amphibians, fish
Ribbon Snake - Western Amphibians (frogs, tadpoles), earthworms, fish, insects
  Ring-Necked Snake Amphibians, insects, slugs, snails, small reptiles (including snakes), earthworms.
Saddle Leaf-nosed Snake ?Lizards, geckos, gecko eggs
Sand Snake - Hissing Lizards. Also birds, mammals
Sand Snake - Namib Lizards. Also rodents, snakes.
Scarlet Snake Snakes, snakes eggs, lizards, mice.
Sea Krait Fish (mainly eels)
Sea Snake - Pelagic Fish (surface feeders)
Sea Snake - Aipysurus laevis Crustaceans (prawns, crabs), fish, fish eggs
Sea Snake - Aipysurus eydouxil Fish eggs only
Sea Snake - Emydocephalus spp Fish eggs only
Sharp-Tailed Snake Slugs, crowned snakes.
Shovel-Snouted snakes Reptile Eggs
Sidewinder Lizards, mice
Smooth Snake Mammals, lizards
Smooth Snake - Southern Lizards
South American Tiger Snake Birds, mammals
Spotted Harlequin Snake  Snakes
Spotted Night Snake Amphibians, lizards, mammals
Sunbeam Snake Frogs, lizards, snakes, rodents
Taipan Mammals
Taipan - Inland, or Fierce Snake Mammals
Tentacled Snake Freshwater fish
Thirst Snake Snails
Tiger Snake Frogs
Tiger Snake - Black Bird chicks, frogs, mammals, reptiles 
Tiger Snake - Neotropical (Clelia clelia) Marsupials (opposum)
Trans-Pecos Ratsnake Birds, lizards, mammals
Twig Snake Birds, lizards
  Vine Snake Lizards, snakes
Vine Snake - Slender Tree frogs, lizards
Viper - Aspic Lizards, mammals
Viper - Carpet or Saw-Scaled) Lizards, mammals
Viper - Desert Horned Lizards, mammals
Viper - European Meadow Insects 
Viper - Eyelash Birds, lizards, mammals
Viper - Gaboon  Birds, mammals
Viper - Hairy Bush Frogs, lizards, ?mammals
Viper - Lataste's Birds, lizards, mammals
Viper - Many-Horned Amphibians, lizards, rodents
Viper - Milos Birds, occasionally mammals
Viper - Nose-Horned Birds, mammals
Viper - Palastine Mammals
Viper - Peringuey's Lizards
Viper - Pope's Pit Frogs, lizards, mammals
Viper - White-lipped Pit Frogs, lizards, rodents
Viper - Wagler's Pit Frogs, lizards, mammals
Viper - Rhinoceros Birds, mammals
Viper - Russells Mammals
Viper - Sedge Frogs, lizards, rodents
Viper - Striped Palm
Viperine Snake Earthworms, frogs, toads, tadpoles, fish
  Water Snake Amphibians, earthworms, fish
Water Snake - Banded Amphibians, fish
Water Snake - Brown Amphibians, fish
Water Snake - Grahams Freshwater crayfish only
Water Snake - Green Amphibians, fish
Water Snake - Northern Amphibians, fish
Western Blind Snake Insects, ants, termites
Western Patch-nosed Snake Lizards, lizard eggs, mammals.
Western Shovel-nosed Snake Insects, invertebrates (including scorpions) 
Whipsnake -Balkan Lizards. Also birds, mammals.
Whipsnake - Dahl's Lizards, mammals
Whipsnake - Dark Green Lizards, birds, mammals
Whipsnake - Large Lizards, mammals
Whipsnake - Sonoran Birds, frogs, lizards
Wolf Snake Lizards (skinks)
Woma (python) Mammals, reptiles (including snakes)
Wood Snake - Cuban Birds, frogs, lizards, rodents
Wood Snake - Haitian Frogs, lizards, rodents
  All Insects, mice (small)
  Blanding's Fish, insects, meat
  Chaco Flowers, fruit, vegetables
  Common Fish, insects, meat
  Box Insects, flowers, fruit, meat, vegetables
  Cooter Insects, fish, meat
  Desert Flowers, fruits, vegetables
  Gopher Flowers, fruits, vegetables
  Mud Algae, pond weeds
  Musk Algae, pond weeds
  Painted Insects, fish, meat
  Pond Algae, pond weeds
  Radiated Flowers, fruits, vegetables
  Red-eared Algae, pond weeds
  Snapping Fish, insects, meat
  Soft-shelled Fish, insects, meat
  Spotted Algae, pond weeds
  Tortoise Flowers, fruit, vegetables

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