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Provet for discount midwifery books

SAVE s On Medical Books


Provet has been supplying discount textbooks for Higher Education since 1999 and we are now supplying NHS Trusts in the UK. We can give midwifery staff and students significant  discounts off medical and medical-related titles : Click on the banner for more information.


Provet for information


FREE ! Provet are pleased to be in partnership with Infotrieve - providing YOU with access to FREE Search Engines for Midwifery, Medical, Veterinary and Science Information FREE!


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Provet for information

Animal Diseases and Zoonoses

Feel free to browse the Provet website. Click on the Information Search button in the left margin of this page. This is already the definitive site for on-line animal health related information....which includes Zoonoses and comparative information that you might find of interest.

If you have any specific requests for animal health information which you can not find on this site please contact us and we will try to obtain the information for you. 



Provet for education

Internet Links to websites with Educational Programmes for Midwives:

  • To Follow


Provet for eBooks  

Click on the banner for :

  • Merck Medical Books:

    • Manual of medical Information

    • Manual of Geriatrics

    • Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy

and also : 

  • Clinical Veterinary Toxicology

  • Canine and Feline Geriatrics

  • Cardiorespiratory Diseases of the Dog and Cat

  • Feline and Canine Infectious Diseases

  • Equine Cardiology

 Provet for secondhand medical equipment 

Tell Provet what you are looking for a eg XRay Machines, Ultrasound, Endoscopes, Operating tables, Operating lights and how much you want to spend and we will let you know what is available .


If you are a parent why not pay a visit to Provet's Kids Home. There you'll find :

  • Education - UK - Key Stage-related Information Sheets
  • On-line quizzes
  • Competitions
  • Comedy Zoone
  • Kids animal questions answered on-line


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