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This information is provided by Provet for educational purposes only.

You should seek the advice of your veterinarian if your pet is ill as only he or she can correctly advise on the diagnosis and recommend the treatment that is most appropriate for your pet.

The following medicines are licensed in the UK for the treatment of  parasites in rabbits (@ November 2013) 

Few veterinary medicinal products for the treatment of endoparasites and ectoparasites currently have UK product licenses for the treatment of rabbits. 

The following is licensed :

  • Imidacloprid  (Advantage spot-on, Bayer) : For rabbits with flea infestation, Prevents reinfestation for up to ONE week. Kills fleas in 24 hours. 

The following have been recommended :

  • Ivermectin for endoparasites and ectoparasites - 200-400 micrograms/ kg body weight by subcutaneous injection OR 400 micrograms by mouth
  • Piperazine for endoparasites - 500 micrograms/kg body weight by mouth, repeated after 10 days
  • Permethrin for ectoparasites - used as an external dusting powder


Updated November 2013