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Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat


Cost 660.00 plus VAT

Improve your knowledge and your Practice's use of Ultrasound by studying at your own pace for Provet's On-line Certificate in Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat.

Study materials provided in the Registration Fee for the On-line Ultrasonography Certificate Course are :

Total value of study materials provided : 220.00

* Prices based upon UK List prices on 1st October 2009


This course covers a complete Syllabus in Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat in 10 Modules. Participants are given directed learning for each Module using a variety of study materials, and there will be an interactive on-line test at the end of each Module.

CLICK HERE for full details of the Syllabus.


Participants can take as long as they wish to complete the Course of study, but it is envisaged that most veterinarians will take 12-24 months to complete it.


Candidates wishing to achieve Provet's Certificate in Ultrasonography of the Dog and Cat must pass every Module test and provide evidence of attendance on at least one relevant practical Course on the subject within a period of not more than 6 months prior to, or 6 months following completion of the Online Course .

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