The Farriers (Registration) Act 1975

Under this Act it is an offence for an unregistered person to describe himself as a farrier or shoeing smith, and it is an offence for an unregistered person to carry out an act of farriery. An act of farriery is described as "any work in connection with the preparation or treatment of the foot of a horse for the immediate reception of a shoe thereon, the fitting by nailing or otherwise of a shoe to the foot or the finishing off of such work to the foot" . Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Students under supervision are exempt from this general rule.

The Act is intended to protect the welfare of horses by preventing unskilled people from shoeing horses, and to promote the training of farriers and shoeing smiths. Persons on the statutory register must therefore have passed proscribed qualifications. A veterinary surgeon must certify that an applicant for entry to Part III of the Register has performed regular and competent shoeing for two years before the date of the application, and sometimes applicants may ask for veterinary certificates for entry to Parts II and IV.

An amendment was published in 1977. 

A copy of the original 1975 Act can be found here 

A copy of the 1964 Act with annotations of changes made since it was published can be found here  

A copy of the Farriers (Registration) (Amendment) Act 1977 can be found here 



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