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Taurine is a naturally occurring b-amino acid, chemical name 2-aminoethansulphonic acid. It is an essential dietary constituent for cats (2, 6), and a non-essential nutrient for dogs because they can readily synthesise it from the sulphur-containing amino acids methionine and cysteine. 

Taurine is present in high concentrations in (14) :

  • Brain

  • Retina

  • Myocardium  

  • Skeletal muscle

  • Smooth muscle

  • Platelets

  • Neutrophils

Taurine is important for many normal functions in the body (2,3, 4, 5, 10, 14) including:

  • Bile salt function 

  • Cardiac function 

  • Foetal development (2, 10)

  • Immune function

  • Membrane excitability 

  • Neurological function

  • Platelet function

  • Retinal function

  • Reproductive function

  • Skeletal growth

PRO-TAUR Product Presentation

Crushable, dispersible multiroute (MR) tablets in two sizes:  250mg and 500mg

Cat – One to two 250mg tablet twice daily

Dog– One to two 500mg tablet three times daily

Uses for Taurine Supplements

Taurine supplementation is recommended as a nutritional aid in the maintenance of normal :

in cats and dogs.

Recommended Feeding Rates


Minimum Requirement:

400mg taurine/kg diet for growth (2) 500 mg taurine/kg diet for reproduction (2)

Increased now to:

1000mg taurine/kg diet (dry foods) (5) 2000mg taurine/kg diet (wet foods) (5) ;  

2500mg taurine/kg diet (wet foods) (4)

In normal cats intake should be 50mg taurine /day (3)

Feeding recommendation for PRO-TAUR for Cats

One to two 250mg tablet twice daily  



Minimum requirement:

Taurine is not regarded as being an essential dietary constituent in the dog (1) because sufficient can be synthesisedin the body, although Taurine-deficient diets are known to cause cholelithiasis (11)  

Feeding recommendation for PRo-TAUR for Dogs

One to two 500mg tablet three times daily

Contraindications, Warnings etc

Nutritional supplement for animal use only

Keep out of the reach of children

Use as directed by your veterinarian

No long-term side-effects have been reported with Taurine supplementation (13)

No drug interactions have been reported with Taurine (13)


Store in a cool, dry place

Legal Category

Nutritional supplement

Package Sizes

Multi-Route tablets in 250mg and 500mg sizes. Bottles containing 100 tablets

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