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(Abridged only to protect the storyline for people who have not yet read the book!)

" Billy Kelly taught me to be a Journalist. His bright comic talent will go far."

                                                            Fergal Keane, March 2005


"It's a great read, very well-crafted - and awesomely funny. There is something of the JB Keane in you (Billy Kelly) , I think, not to mention some of our great comedy writers so adept at caricature and satire (O'Conner, O'Casey, Shaw, Wilde et al). Why are we Irish so good at it ! I am now hooked on that colossus of idiocy, His Ladyship, Fanahan Logan " Vince Moran

"Well done. I see a movie with a Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) type of character in the lead. I am not passing the book on to other pubs until everyone here has read it" - Portobello Gold Pub , London

The panel liked Billy's novel and would like to extend their best wishes to him for every success in the future.  Guildford Book Festival Pendleton May First Novel Award

"This is the first book that we have reviewed that all the members of our book club have liked" Ex-Duchy Manor School Staff Book Reading Club

Thank you for such a good read. Billy has caught the Irish humour wonderfully and I have recommended his book to my friends. I look forward to Billy's next book. Rob Young

Just to let you know that I enjoyed Billy's book. I thought it a mixture of Spike Milligan, Father Ted and whatever you are having yourself. Very readable and light entertainment and overall a bit of a laugh for all ages.

"This is a charming, entertaining and humorous tale of a "right Irish eejit" which I can highly recommend."

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Billy's book and hope it is getting the sales it deserves. It is a very original book and I have never read anything similar"

"This is my sort of read. I honestly think its one of the funniest reads I've
 had for a long time.”

  “Every time I finished a few pages, I was intrigued as to what
would happen next.”

“The characters are so vivid and not only can I see every scene in my imagination, the pub, Fanahan’s one roomed cottage, the solicitor’s office, the pub across the road, the manor house,  I can also picture every character, what they are wearing, size, features even the ********* ******* soaking in a barrel of brandy!”

"We met on the flight to Nairobi and you gave me a copy of "A Fool's Fortune". Wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading it last night as I left Mombassa, but thought I'd give it a shot. Well, mate, I couldn't put it down (cliché, but true). Nearly finished it on the plane home and finally nailed it this evening on the train home from work. A really, really great read. I absolutely love it. And you are truly a mad bastard. ("The ********* ********** ***** sitting at the other end of the table smiled approvingly..." Brilliant.) And the dialogue - fabulous.   Billy, the very, very best of luck to you in your writing endeavours. I sincerely hope "A Fool's Fortune" is a massive hit - it surely deserves to be. Best thing I've read since Ben Elton's High Society - even better in fact."

“To read the book transports you all the way to the west coast where you can stand and stare at the wide Atlantic Ocean and the green mound of Mutton Island. The characters in the book are so accurately described that each can be seen vividly in the imagination. The dialogue, so accurately reproduced, takes the reader to a place where the landscape is green and unspoiled and life is lived at a slower gentler pace.”

“Smooth and goes down well … fact rather like a pint of Guinness”

“It is a really good story, beautifully written and very exciting to find out what happens next. I didn’t want it to end and when it did I felt all lovely and dreamy because it is such an enjoyable story. Might I also point out in advance of the fame and riches (not to mention gold and diamonds) that are about to be showered on you with your imminent fame, that I count myself, as I always have, as one of your best friends in the world !”  

“ I sat down to read and could not put it down. …..”A fool’s fortune” is the kind of book that can be picked up and read at any time, over and over again “

When I picked up Billy Kelly's draft manuscript of "a fool's fortune" for the first time, at about 4.00 pm one afternoon, it passed my  "acid test" , because I could not put it down until I had finished it in the early hours of the next morning. I suggested that the book should carry a health warning for potential readers on the cover - advising that it might be difficult to put down once picked up  .

Mike Davies, Publisher, Provet Limited


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